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NEUSPEED Power Pulley Kit • MQBe 2.0L TSI EA888.4 GTI/A3

Release hidden power from your drive belt system

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  • Audi A3 8Y 2.0L 40 TFSI FWD
  • Audi A3 8Y 2.0L 45 TFSI quattro
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk8 2.0L TSI


NEUSPEED since 1975, nobody comes close to our record of industry-first aftermarket products for VW/Audi vehicles; we set the industry standards for design, innovation, quality of materials, fit, finish and attention to detail.

NEUSPEED  Power Pulley Kits have been available for over 20 years with no reported engine failure or reduced engine life and all pulleys are made in the USA. With so many of our current products being copied and being the first to offer the TSI Pulley Kit, we ask that you support the innovator NEUSPEED, not the imitators.

Your car's alternator and A/C are powered by a belt connected back to the crankshaft pulley. Spinning these pulleys draw precious horsepower from your engine. NEUSPEED's powertrain engineer, using sophisticated CAD software, performed a mass properties analysis of the crank pulley. The result is reduced parasitic drag on the engine, increased horsepower, better response, and quicker revving. This kit includes a new under-drive crankshaft pulley, crankshaft bolt, and ribbed belt.

The NEUSPEED crankshaft pulley is made from 7075 aluminum and hard anodized for durability and wear, plus a NEUSPEED exclusive: stainless steel ring that has been ground finished and heat-treated to prevent pulley wear against oil seal.

  • 13 oz. compared to 64 oz. factory unit
  • 20% Underdrive Reduction
  • 5-7 HP Gain
  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in CA, USA


  • 2022-up Audi A3 8Y 2.0L TFSI FWD/quattro
  • 2022-up Volkswagen GTI Mk8 2.0L TSI

    Factory tool required and professional installation recommended.

    The actual part is shown in the photo.