NEUSPEED Anti-Sway Bar - Rear 25mm




NEUSPEED anti-roll bars give you the ultimate in handling with smooth mandrel bends, aerospace-quality steel, and graphite impregnated urethane bushings. NEUSPEED anti-roll bars reduce body roll during cornering without sacrificing ride comfort during straight-line cruising.

NEUSPEED 25mm (1") rear bar is recommended to use with the factory original front bar. Great for street use and will give a more stable and neutral handling vehicle around turns. With our 40+ years experience of suspension tuning for street and track we offer the correct size bars for the best balance and ultimate handling.


Fits: Audi A3/TT and VW MKV/VI FWD applications ONLY and 2011-12 Tiguan FWD.

Sway Bar Rate:

  • Forward Hole: 101% increase over stock GTI 21.7mm bar.
  • Rearward Hole: 145% increase over stock GTI 21.7mm bar.

2 Hole adjustable bar.

Red powder coated lightweight tubular bar.

Designed and engineered Camarillo, California. Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Actual part shown in photos.